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Hellooooooooo~ I’m still alive! I bet you missed me~ *gets bricked*

Meh internet connection was all cracked up, that’s why I haven’t updated in a very long time -_-

Umm.. So, this is a very old song. About a year ago? Maybe. But I loved it very much, and I haven’t post it here.. keke. Luka’s voice is amazing here. Even without append. Oh have you heard about Vocaloid Append? I bet you all know (cuz It’s pretty old news -_-). But for those who doesn’t know.. just click here. My friend’s blog posted about Append before.

By the way this blog is almost 1 year old~ LOL. It’s on 14th July 😀 thank you for all of your visits X)

Enough chit-chat~ kkk~

sekai wa kon nanimo utusuku shikute
kizamu hari no uede kimi wo matsu
kowaku naru kurai ni itooshikute
utsukushi sekai wa iro aseteyuku
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I wish I can embed straight from NicoNico :<

Oh well. The PV is awesome. I like it 😀 Rin reminds me of Yoko from Gurren Lagann lol XD

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w-well it’s been a very long time since last post~ I was very busy and VERY lazy too. I’m very excited with K-pop and stuffs lately 😀 okay, that aside. I made a new look in my blog. like it or no? :\

because it’s all green around here, this time I’ll post Gumi’s song 😀

here goes~~

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took this from motokokusanagi’s blog. I’m sorry and thank you XD

> Gumi & Gakupo ver.

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Gakupo is really– *faints* XDD I like this song, and the PV is cool. anyway. there are no necessary comment for this one, so let’s move on to the lyric~

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first thing I want to say is.. I hit 4k pageviews~!! thank you, thank you, thank you!! <3<3 keep visiting guys! 😉 I’ll try to be better on managing this blog. I usually very lazy to keep this blog well managed DX

okay.. today I post Gumi’s song again~ XD

here is actually K-ON ending song, originally sung by Yoko Hikasa. I really like this song ne, and Gumi has done a great job singing this 😀

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it’s been a long time since I posted Gumi’s song. Hm, so this song is about growing up Gumi from a little girl to early teen 😀

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