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A little announcement for everyone…

Posted on: 12 June 2011

Hello, it’s me.

I think most of you who visit this blog realize that this blog is not updated anymore.

Now I want everyone to know that I can no longer post entries here like I used to because of various reasons and it’s quite hard to tell.

I won’t close down this blog I have take care of for 2-3 years so everyone still can access the download links and lyrics.

I MOST LIKELY won’t post anymore for months  but I STILL accept mp3 requests if you have any difficulty finding them, and report any broken links or such to me on Twitter (@kaedereizei) because I mostly active there so I can immediately help you out ^^

I wont abandon this precious bloggie 😉

Feel free to enjoy every little bit of this blog contents. I really appreciate every single visit here.

…and I changed the layout just to lighten up the mood.

Thank you, Rei


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