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Kamui Gakupo – Promise

Posted on: 4 July 2010

Translated by RENA@lj. Because someone requested it here, I’ll repost here. None of the translation is mine 😀

God, is it alright if I become happy
God, can I bestow happiness

Sad things always happen on the other side of the TV
The kind people easily escape me
If the value of life is the same,
What isn’t like that?
Someone tell me the reason
I’m now here, living

These hands I hold out are futile,
But I feel I must do so
Spilt tears are meaningless,
But I can’t help but shed them

I’ll always someday forget sad things, but
The pain of my heart breaking will never be forgotten

Someone somewhere involuntarily
Decided the value of life
Tell someone the reason you
Are now there, living

Because there are wishes I want to grant
Because there are lives I want to protect
Because there is a beloved family
Because there are people I want to make happy

God, I sincerely wish to become happy
God, I promise I will become happy


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