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OKAY this song is kinda scary o_o

ito wo taguri yose
sabita hari ni tousu
sureru oto ga
mimi ni sawarimasu .

omoide no tsumatta kutabireta nuno to
gakubuchi no naka futari kiri
yase koketa kao .

kanashii kara daeteita
oningyou-san ha kowarete
ude ga torete omeme ga nai
tsugihagi awase de
naoshite yo !

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I see many people searched Luka’s “Just be Friend” these days~ it has become top post for weeks. And I’m thinking of posting this addition. I love NicoNico singers so much. They are great singers..

The following videos are NicoNico singers’ fandub on Just be Friends. Hope you like it. Oh and if you have other Just be Friends fandub other than I posted here and the download link for these, please share it with me 😀 I’ll update it.

The lyric of this song is here

>Yamai version

>Kushi version

>Yue version

>Chouchou version

>Donishima version (Most liked by peoples~ Well, me too ^^)

>Halyosy version

>And finally, the NicoNico chorus version!

There’s still many other versions of it on Youtoube, so you can search yourself for more 😀

Credits to nShaken@youtube ^^7

Translated by RENA@lj. Because someone requested it here, I’ll repost here. None of the translation is mine 😀

God, is it alright if I become happy
God, can I bestow happiness

Sad things always happen on the other side of the TV
The kind people easily escape me
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Hellooooooooo~ I’m still alive! I bet you missed me~ *gets bricked*

Meh internet connection was all cracked up, that’s why I haven’t updated in a very long time -_-

Umm.. So, this is a very old song. About a year ago? Maybe. But I loved it very much, and I haven’t post it here.. keke. Luka’s voice is amazing here. Even without append. Oh have you heard about Vocaloid Append? I bet you all know (cuz It’s pretty old news -_-). But for those who doesn’t know.. just click here. My friend’s blog posted about Append before.

By the way this blog is almost 1 year old~ LOL. It’s on 14th July 😀 thank you for all of your visits X)

Enough chit-chat~ kkk~

sekai wa kon nanimo utusuku shikute
kizamu hari no uede kimi wo matsu
kowaku naru kurai ni itooshikute
utsukushi sekai wa iro aseteyuku
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