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Meiko – The Thought to Tell

Posted on: 27 February 2010

okay I just watch this PV, and still don’t understand the story.  Hmm.. I will update this post when I’ve understand it ^^;

It’s pretty sad, I guess.


3 Responses to "Meiko – The Thought to Tell"

can I request a lyric from Meiko’s song?
the name of the song is “Rosette”
its hard to find DX
can you help me please?

thanks before X3

ahaha, okay, I’ll try to find that lyric for you RiKu-san~
the lyric is heree~ XDD https://kaedereizei.wordpress.com/2010/03/06/meiko-rosette/

In a past life, Meiko was the blue-haired girl’s teacher. They fell in love, but her fiance didn’t approve and killed Meiko and the girl. They were reborn as the two girls. Meiko know it instantly the first time they meet and falls back in love, but the girl does not realize. Over time, she falls in love with a man that looks like the professor from her past life but he has no clue who that is. She only realizes who Meiko really is after she becomes engaged.
(By Simsfanatic2 @ youtube)

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