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Kagamine Rin & Len – Paradise of Light and Shadow

Posted on: 29 December 2009

also called Hikari to Kage no Rakuen

Quick Summary

gakupo, a graduate, has questions about the country’s dragonism like his granpa who was (probably) killed. luka, an oracle, has strong beliefs in dragonism, they seem to have nothing in common.

(teto calls her boku, it’s rly confusing :/) meiko is the first candidate of Diva but she refuses to be one and it’s accepted cuz she is a granddaughter of chancellor. thats why teto is chosen to be Diva. teto and meiko are best friends even though teto is a girl of a poor family. meiko is younger than teto

while they(len, gakupo and meiko) are taking a rest to sleep, len and gakupo have a talk about Diva cuz len’s been feeling the shared sense with rin is becoming weaker. gakupo tells Diva is supposed to have both sides of light and shadow to suppress the dragon but he assumes rin has only the shadow side since meiko says len’s singing voice is light. also he tells the light side represents life, so rin who doesnt have the light side is probably losing her life as she sings for the dragon

[research paper]
research on a dragon-type high-dimensional phase body
we, the members of council found another dragon body exists in a different space and tried to displace the 1st dragon’s space to the 2nd dragon’s space by using a magic eye mask and diva. the 1st dragon looks like a human girl. the trial was successful but the 1st dragon lost its memory and it became impossible to approach the 1st dragon from 3D even for diva. but synchronizing with the 2nd dragon, diva can go into the 1st dragon’s space (impossible to come back, though). without diva, the dragon gets furious and frightens humans again, so we have to carefully take care of “her.” the best way is not to let her remember she is a dragon, thus we named her “miku” and began to treat like a human.

kyozō no rakuen no hate no
fukai fukai daichi no soko de
tada hitori inori no uta o
utai tsuzuru sadame

yukiba o nakushita kako kara
meguri tsuzukeru koe o tsunagi
kuri kaesu rekishi no fuchi de
unmei ni mi o sasagu

nani mo shirazu tada uta dake
tsumuide ikite kita
hare no uta o ame no uta o
yasashī requiem o
rakuen eto tsuzuku michi no saki ni sahi nobe rareta
atatakai te sae todokazu ni

towa ni utai tsuzuke nasai…

horobu sekai no yugami no soko de
inori no uta o kanaderu sadame
wasu rareshi kako ni nemuru yasashī koe ni
zetsubō sae mo hohoemi ni kae
namida no soko ni shizunde iku

zetsubō no rakuen no hate ni
nakushita koe o sagashi motome
michi naki michi o tada tōku
samayoi yuku sadame

toza sareta rekishi no kage ni
ubawa reshi hi o omoi nagara
kokoro no oku hibiku koe wa kutsū ni mi modaeru
towa ni tsuzuku rakuen eto negai wa todokazu ni
tada yugande koe to tomo ni
kie satte meguru dake
ima kono te de tashikame tai kimi no nukumori no oto
kizu tsuku koto sae itowazu ni

watashi wa tatakau
(ore wa tatakau)

araburu koe no tamashī o ubai
kono yo no hate made tsuzutte nemure
kono hikari o tokasi temo todokanu nara
itsuwari no rakuen o kono te de
owaraseru dake


watashi wa inoru mamoru tame ni
egao ga kobore hikari sasu sekai no tame ni
(ore wa tatakau kowasu tame ni
kimi wa naite ita tada hitori de)

asu eto tsunagu hikari no kibō nouta
inochi o atae ibuki koe o
atarashī kaze ni nose inochi tsukiru made…
(kako o hōmuru kage no zetsubō no uta
inochi o ubai owari no koe
yama nai ame ni nagashi inochi tsukiru made…)

mata meguru

subete no koe wa hikari to deai kage eto tsunagu
kuri kaesu rekishi to narite
meguru sekai no kodō no oto wa
owari o tsugeru kane to nari hibiku
subete no inochi wa tae atarashī me ga
ibuku saki no hikari to kage no rakuen ni
negai o…

English Translation

At the end of the virtual paradise
Deep, deep in the bottom of the earth
I was fated to sing the song of prayer
All alone

From the past that had nowhere to go
I weave voices that are going round and round
At the edge of the repeating history
I dedicate myself to the fate

Not knowing anything, I’ve been continuously singing
For the whole of my life
A song for the sun, a song for rain
A gentle requiem
At the end of the road to the paradise
Warm hands were offered
But couldn’t reach me

Sing forever…

At the distorted depth of the dying world
I was fated to sing the song of prayer
With the gentle voice
That sleeps in the forgotten past
As I change my despair to a smile
I sink to the bottom of tears

At the end of the desperate paradise
I seek the lost voice
I was fated to wander
Road to Road, further and further away

In the shadow of the closed history
I long for the stolen days
The voice that echoes in the depth of my heart
Is agonized by suffering
My wish doesn’t reach to
The everlasting paradise
It is distorted with voices
And keep vanishing away

I wanna make sure
The sound of your warmth with my hands,
Not hesitate to get hurt

I will fight…

I’ll take the life of the roaring voice
Let it write and sleep to the end of the world
If I can’t reach you after dissolving light,
Then I’ll just finish off this artificial paradise
With my own hands

Please sing…

I pray to protect for the bright world
Where everyone can smile
(I fight to to put an end
I saw you crying alone)

A song of hope of light to tomorrow
Giving my life to it, I sing vigorously
Let my voice float with wind till I die…
(A song of despair of shadow to bury the past
Your existance stolen from me, your voice ceases
A sink for the never-ending rain till I die…)

All voices encounter light and lead to shadow
As the repeating history

The thumping sound of the infinite world resounds
To declare the end
All lives end and grow back

Again in paradise of light and shadow
Let my wish reach there…

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