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Kagamine Len – Kimi wo Sagasu Sora

Posted on: 4 December 2009

This is from the “Synchronicity ~Meguru Sekai no Requiem~” story,
(According to the official website, Rin is a Singing Princess of the Dragon , Miku is a Witch of the Dragon, and Len is the younger twin brother of Rin…)
Oh, and just in case people get mixed up: the necklace / pendent that Len and Rin have are different.

So I guess the story is that the twins Len and Rin got sepparated when they was born, and then Len is searching for his sister twin, Rin.

A nice really, really nice story, but I can’t understand it well, cause of the story is unclear.. I’ll search for the others. Len is so smexy here btw xD

Higashi ni nobiru michi e ate mo nai mama
Tsuredatsu mono wa tada kage no mi   susumu

Hakushi no chizu ni kizamu tooi utagoe
Kanaderu sono kage o sagashimotomete

Tooku tooku hatenaku meguri yuku sadame
Kaketa kokoro sagashite ate mo naku samayou

Kawaita tamashii sae uruosu utagoe
Yakitsuite hanarenai
Kimi no egao o mitsukeru hi made…

English Translation

Without a certain destination, I keep pursuing east
My own shadow is the only company

I carve the distant voice on my blank map
As I seek to whom it belongs to

We’re destined to go around further, further without end
Trying to find the fragment of my herat, I keep wandering

Your singing voice soothes even my dried soul
I won’t give up finding you
Whose smile has burned into my mind…


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