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Hatsune Miku – Electro World

Posted on: 18 November 2009

Okay, first thing first, I’ve been wondering is this is not Vocaloid Original Song?? Cause I’ve found many result in youtube, that a vocal group named Perfume that actually sung this. hrr. Whatever, it’s really nice song though. I’m personally doesn’t like Miku very much, because of her voice.. that.. kinda.. like.. ahm. xD the Mp3 available by the way!

Kono michi wo hashiri susumi susumi sususumi susukota
Chizu ni kaite aru hazu no machi ga miataranai
Furi kaeru to soko ni meata keshita ga mieta
Kono sekai boku ga saigo de saigo saigo da

…Electro World

Jimen ga
Furuete kudaketa
Sora no taiyou ga
Ochiru boku no te ni hirari to
Hountou no koto ni kizuite shimatta no
Kono sekai no shikumi ni te kaminokosuyo

oh-ah ah-oh-ah oh-oh oh-ah ah-oh-ah..
Oh yeah, Electro World

English Translation

Continued to make progress by running on this road.
Can’t find the towns that should be marked on the map.
When I turned around, the scenery I saw disappeared.
In this world, I’m the last person at the end.

…Electro World

The ground shook and cracked.
The sun in the sky falls into my hand fluttery.
I noticed what was real.
I’ll leave you a letter about the structure of this world.
oh-ah ah-oh-ah oh-oh oh-ah ah-oh-ah..
Oh yeah, Electro World


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